AutPlay Therapy has proven to be a successful approach to improving the lives of families navigating autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Here are some endorsements from professionals and parents.

Autism is a tricky and complex disorder to treat, but the AutPlay therapy training broke down the main goals and components in a way that makes me feel more confident and knowledgeable.  Becuase of this program, my passion to work with this population has been reinvigorated and now I have the skills to pursue this passion.  Dr. Grant’s creativity and personality makes him a perfect instructor and clinician.

Christine Stephenson, MFT graduate student

The AutPlay therapy training was incredible.  This will certainly increase my effectiveness working with my clients with ASD.  Can’t wait for the AutPlay conference!

Andrew Bennett, LCMFT

Dr. Grant gave a wonderful training.  He is very knowledgeable about the autism community!  The interventions he taught are practical and easy to teach.  I love the idea of being able to teach parents the techniques and keeping them involved.

Erika Walker, LMSW

What a great training!  Packed with information and techniques for kids with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.  Dr. Grant has lots of wisdom and experience to share.  I would highly recommend this training to parents and colleagues.  Thank you!

Val Miraglia, LPA, RPT-S

Dr. Grant provides a learning environment that is both educational and fun.  Techniques can be taken from the seminar straight to the counseling office.  Dr. Grant is one of the best trainers I have met in my 20 years of attending seminars.

Kathy Ray, LPL-S, RPT-S

I felt the materials were informative, easy to use, and give a diverse amount of interventions to be applied during session.

Sue Ann Rybarczyk, LPC

As a parent of a child with autism, Dr. Grant “spoke my language,” so to speak.  I wish I had this type of training when I first learned that my child has autism.  The techniques/strategies Dr. Grant taught truly target the core areas of struggle for individuals with autism.

Debra Hibbard, Registered Psychotherapist

AutPlay Therapy trainign was a wonderful and very informative training with great interventions presented in an easy to implement fashion.  Extremely helpful!

Christy Howard, LCSW, RPT-S

AutPlay Therapy provides a comprehensive treatment approach and protocols for working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  Dr. Grant has been an amazing instructor in teaching this approach and allows for quick implementation of the approach in the therapy room.

Kelli Switzer, LISW, C/RPT-S

This is a quality training program.  The training was engaging and I feel competent to treat ASD clients in therapy.

Angela Metcalf, LPC
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