AutPlay Therapy has proven to be a successful approach to improving the lives of families navigating autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Here are some endorsements from professionals and parents.

Dr. Grant’s AutPlay training was insightful, full of beneficial interventions and information to take straight to the office and into practice.  I waited for years to take this training and am so excited to begin implementing the engaging, creative, evidence-based techniques and skills to use.  Thanks for your research, dedication, and love for autism, and sharing it with other professionals!

Tara Yarbrough, LPC

The AutPlay Therapy certification training was incredible.  Dr. Grant is an expert in this field and I feel lucky to have had this chance to learn from him.  Anyone who works with autism should take this course.

Christina Salomon, MA, CHt

AutPlay Therapy certification training is exceptional.  Comprehensive, hands-on training that you can immediately implement in the professional setting as well as the home.  Ideal for anyone who works with children on the spectrum and other special needs children/adolescents.

Cyndi Campbell, MA

I have had play therapy training, however still felt ill-equipped to do great work with this specific population.  I now feel like I have the skills to help these individuals.  Thank you!

Aenea Harbes, LMFT

The AutPlay certification has proven to be invaluable in increasing my knowledge, skills, and awareness of working with children and adolescents with autism and developmental disabilities.  Reading the handbook serviced as a wonderful foudnation, but the certification training allowed me to truly feel competent in executing the AutPlay methodology.  I highly recommend that any individual, regardless of prior experience, go through this certification.  It pays for intself in the time it takes to complete the course.

Camielle Famous, LPC

I have been practicing for 24 years now and this represents a marriage of two worlds that i have held near and dear, Autism and Play Therapy.  It is good to seek a play therapy fine-tune for autism clients.  The information was presented in an interesting manner that holds interest.  I have always held that experiential methods like play therapy can connect with all people from all backgrounds moreso that talk therapies.

James Sommer, LCP

I feel competent and capable of working successfully witn children who have neurodevelopmental impairments after completing the training.

Teresa Weeke, LPC

I was excited about all the new skills I was taught by Dr. Grant.  I learned several new techniques and interventions to use with my autistic chldren.  I will utitlize Dr. Grant’s handbooks and social skills game with my clients.

Elizabeth Taylor, LPC

The training was highly interactive and fast-paced.  I left feeling equipped to start implementing new interventions with clients right away.  The whole experience was very practical and engaging.  Dare I say “fun?”

Audrey Wheeler, LMHC

AutPlay Therapy training has been truly informative and eye-opening.  I like the hands-on experiences with listed activities to help clients to improve on the four components of AutPlay, which are emotional regulation ability, social skills development, connection, and parent training.  Keep learning and keep playing!

Ivy Le, LPC
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