AutPlay Therapy has proven to be a successful approach to improving the lives of families navigating autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Here are some endorsements from professionals and parents.

The AutPlay Certification Training was very helpful and useful in learning and implementing play therapy techniques with children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum.  Thanks for all the useful information and interventions!

Stephanie Eslick, LMFT-T

Dr. Grant was very informative.  He provided many useful interventions!  I really enjoyed his training and presentation.

Amber Bennett, LMHC-T

Dr. Grant is an amazing advocate for the autism community.  The interventions and instruction given during the training (and in his books) are easy to integrate and highly useful when working with such a special population.  Everything I learned during the AutPlay training will be invaluable for my clients.

Sarah Newcomer, MSMFT Student

Extremely fun and informative class!  Dr. Grant teaches interesting and effective techniques.  This course is a must for any professional or clinician who works with Autism Spectrum Disorders!

Michael A. Berry, MS, LMFT

AutPlay® Certification Training provided lots of valuable information! The materials and PowerPoint are very well done and will be a great reference for the future.

Karla Hartlep, MFT Student

The AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training broke down the main goals and components in a way that makes me feel more confident and knowledgeable. This training has reinvigorated my passion to work with the ASD population and now I have the skills to pursue this passion.

Christyne Stephenson, Graduate Student in MFT

The AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training was incredible. This will certainly increase my effectiveness working with my clients with ASD.

Andrew Bennett, LCMFT

Dr. Grant is very knowledgeable about the autism community! The interventions are practical and easy to teach. I love the idea of being able to teach parents the techniques and keep them involved in the process.

Erika Walker, LMSW

What a great training! It is packed with information and techniques for kids with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. I would highly recommend this training to parents and colleagues. Thank you!

Val Miraglia, LPA, RPT-S, Certified Filial Therapist

The techniques from the AutPlay® Certification Training can be taken straight to the counselor office setting. The learning environment of the training is both educational and fun.

Kathy Ray, LPC-S, RPT-S
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