AutPlay Therapy has proven to be a successful approach to improving the lives of families dealing with autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Here are some endorsements from professionals and parents.

AutPlay® Certification Training was informative, easy to use, and gave a diverse amount of interventions to be applied during client sessions.

Sue Ann Rybarczyk, LPC

AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training exceeded my personal and professional expectations. It was abundantly informative and interactive. The hands-on aspect allowed for a relaxed yet professional and educational atmosphere.

Amberly Nichols, MA, CRC

As a parent of a child with autism, Dr. Grant ‘spoke my language.’ I wish I had this type of training when I first learned that my child had autism. The techniques and strategies taught truly target the core areas that individuals with autism struggle with.

Debra Hibbard, Registered Psychotherapist

After going through the  AutPlay® Certification Training I now feel more equipped to better assist the kids I work with who have a diagnosis of autism or other developmental disorder in an effectively ‘funtastic’ way.

Katie Brammer, MS, PLPC

“This is a quality training program; it was engaging and I now feel competent to treat ASD clients in therapy.”

Angela Metcalf, MA, LPC

Dr. Grant you have such a gift with helping children and parents. I totally enjoyed this training.

Maria Isabel Ramos, MA, LMFT-T

Very good training! Fun and educational!

Kassie Taylor, LMFT-T

I have been looking for a therapy model that I identify with for quite some time. A colleague had one of Dr. Grant’s books and as soon as I started looking into AutPlay® I knew that it fit with my style of working with kids. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to become a Certified AutPlay® provider! I know the training will greatly impact my practice in positive ways!

Mary Plouff, LPC, NCC

The AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training was a great two days that were filled with important information and fantastic playful interventions. Even having prior knowledge of, and experience working with clients with ASD or other neurological developmental disorders, I left this training feeling like I had learned a lot and that I could start using this model right away. Definitely worth the cost!

Greg Barden, MSW, APSW

AutPlay® is a fantastic way to adapt play therapy techniques specifically to clients with ASD. It creates opportunities to meet ASD clients on their level and in their world, and draw them into a place where they can adaptively function with others. AutPlay® not only targets ASD, but other neurodevelopmental disorders and developmental disabilities.

Rebecca Spies, TLMHC
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