Connect with a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider
Parents can know that Certified AutPlay Therapy Providers have participated in intensive training and have extensive knowledge in using AutPlay Therapy. View the Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider list to find a provider closest to your community.

Participate in a Consultation Session
Sometimes parents have a few questions or simply need some “next step” guidance, sometimes parents want more formal information on autism approaches. We offer consultation sessions for parents. Consultations can be provided in person, by phone, or video conference. No matter where you live, you can participate in a consultation. Typical consultation services include: understanding unwanted behavior, AutPlay at home, and understanding autism “treatments.” Visit the Consultations Page for more information or email us at [email protected].

What parents say…

“I am a mother of a 10 year old son on the autism spectrum. He knows that he has this thing called autism, and has a love/hate relationship with that diagnosis.  As parents, our goal is to ensure he has the tools to tackle each challenge he faces, and know that his future is full of endless potential. He struggles with social interactions and self regulation. He participates in AutPlay once a week, and looks forward to his sessions. Learning social skills and appropriate ways to express anger and sadness through games and play has been the most successful way for him to learn. As parents we get to learn these games and the skills that they are teaching our son, and then we get to play! When we are playing together as a family I’ve seen our son open up and express feelings and ideas that he couldn’t or wouldn’t express in a typical conversation. I love when he encounters a new problem and can relate it to a skill he learned with his therapy. I love the idea behind AutPlay of teaching and learning through play and I know that because of this teaching process it becomes ingrained in his memory. My son has enriched my perspective on all things, and opened my mind with his endless fascination of asking questions about any and everything”.

“Play therapy has helped my son in so many ways! I didn’t know what to expect when we started, but within just a few weeks, he was talking more. Over time he began to play with toys appropriately, pretend play, and initiate play with me! I love being given the tools to work with my son at home as well, because it allows many opportunities in our daily life to implement what he is learning in play therapy. Through play therapy, I am learning to communicate with my son in a way that is fun for him!”

“When we came to the AutPlay therapist with serious concerns about our 9 year old daughter, we were scared and at a loss as to what to do next. He helped us understand her diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, and began to work with her through play therapy. She immediately liked him, and obviously felt comfortable with him and enjoyed the sessions. Soon we noticed positive changes in how she handled situations that were tough for her, like unexpected changes in our schedule, or how to handle other children at school. She began using her words more often, and has made incredible progress in communicating her feelings to us, and her teachers, in an appropriate way. The therapist has also been wonderful to work with for us. We have learned a lot about her disorder, and how to work with her and help her, so we can all have more successful days. Overall we have a much happier daughter now, and are thrilled with the progress she continues to make.”

“The social gains that my son acquired through AutPlay were life changing. Before receiving therapy, verbal communication was poor and interactions with other people often resulted in severe anxiety attacks. AutPlay presented my son with ideas in a way he could understand, and had him practice those ideas to achieve confidence. This past summer my son applied for and completed ten weeks of undergraduate research out of state, and is currently a student council representative for an organization at his college. What a difference therapy has made. I hope to encourage anyone in need of social skills training to participate in AutPlay Therapy.”

“We love our AutPlay time! It has increased my interactions and play time with my daughter. We are engaging better and communicating in ways we had not been able to achieve. She has increased her social confidence and is trying things and having success that she would completely avoid before therapy. We are thrilled!”

“Our 8 year old daughter diagnosed with autism has a trauma history and we were pursuing AutPlay Therapy to address her trauma issues. Through AutPlay she was able to address her trauma, learn how to calm herself, and get past her fears. We were not sure how the process would work but quickly saw the benefits. We loved the attention that was given to addressing our daughter’s individual needs and all through play which helped her feel more comfortable. Highly recommend AutPlay Therapy.”



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