AutPlay® Therapy is an integrative mental health approach designed for mental health practitioners especially those with a background in play therapy. Other professionals such as occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and education professionals have also benefited from learning the AutPlay process.


AutPlay Therapy Certification is a curriculum-based competency credential. Certification in AutPlay Therapy is a credential which shows that a person has achieved a proficiency and specialized training in AutPlay Therapy. This certification is designed to establish a stringent and meaningful credential for professionals using AutPlay Therapy. Its purpose is to demonstrate to consumers and referral sources that a person has achieved training, experience, and competence in AutPlay Therapy; an integrative approach designed to address the mental health needs of autistic children, neurodivergent children, children with dysregulation issues, and their families.

Benefits of AutPlay Therapy Certification

  1. Gaining knowledge in a comprehensive approach using play therapy to help autistic children and adolescents and other neurodivergent children.
  2. Expanded services and growth of one’s practice.
  3. Advancement in professional career by demonstrating specific knowledge of autism.
  4. Opened doors for public speaking, presentations, and publications about autism and play therapy.
  5. Added confidence and excitement in providing therapy for autistic children and adolescents and other neurodivergent children..
  6. Continual support and maintenance of professional certification and consultation/question services by AutPlay supervisors/consultants.
  7. The AutPlay Therapy certification is a lifetime certification.
  8. Certified Providers name and contact information are always displayed on the AutPlay website and a social media press release is provided for all new providers.
  9. Certified Providers receive a free copy of AutPlay training materials.
  10. Training hours are applicable for continuing education for NBCC (Certified Counselor), APT (Registered Play Therapist), and IBCCES (Certified Autism Specialist and Autism Certificate) credentials.

What professionals are saying

“The AutPlay techniques are easy to follow and use for any child or adolescents.  The children I have used the techniques with love them; they ask to do them again and again!” – Sherry Dotts MS, LPC, NCC, RPT-S (Owner-D&D Counseling)

“Good information! I like all the AutPlay techniques compiled into something that works well for children with autism. Therapist are given specific techniques that can be used for children with autism, this is something any therapist would like. I’m impressed!” – Barb Hylton MS, LPC, RPT-S (Owner-CC Counseling Services)

“What a great training! It is packed with information and techniques for kids with autism and      neurodevelopmental disorders. I would highly recommend this training to parents and colleagues. Thank you!” – Val Miraglia, LPA, RPT-S, Certified Filial Therapist

Mental Health Professionals:
Mental Health Professionals can become Certified AutPlay Therapy Providers by completing an in person or home study training (see our trainings page for more information). AutPlay Certification is appropriate for Registered Play Therapists, Licensed Professional and Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Psychologists, School Counselors, any licensed mental health professional or individual pursuing a licensed mental health status.

Other Professionals:
Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, and other professionals in case management, education, and medical fields working with children and adolescents with autism and related conditions can complete the non mental health version of the AutPlay Therapy certification training.

There are Two Options for Obtaining Certification

Option 1) Complete an In Person (contact) AutPlay Certification Training:

  • You may complete an in-person (contact) AutPlay Therapy training worth 16 hrs of continuing education.
  • In person certification is obtained by registering for and attending one of our contact trainings. Visit our In Person Trainings page for dates of upcoming in person trainings.

Option 2) Complete the Home Study (non-contact) AutPlay Certification Training:

  • You may complete the AutPlay Therapy (non-contact) home study training worth 16 hrs of continuing education.
  • Participants read the AutPlay Therapy book, PDF training guide, watch video clips, complete experiential activities, and complete a post exam.
  • Participants can register for the home study training at any time on the Home Study Trainings page.

If you would like us to conduct an AutPlay Therapy certification training in your area, please contact us by phone 417-755-9042 or email at [email protected].

Note: If you are interested in becoming a registered play therapist or registered play therapist supervisor, please visit the Association for Play Therapy website. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Autism Specialist or obtaining the Autism Certificate credential, please contact IBCCES for more information.

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