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AutPlay Therapy Resources:

♦Download or print off a free copy of the AutPlay Autism Checklist Revised. The AAC-R is a screening checklist designed to assist professionals and parents in implementing an autism screening to detect symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder. Further, the checklist assists professionals in identifying struggle areas for treatment planning.

♦Download or print off a free copy of the AutPlay Telehealth Readiness Questionnaire This questionnaire was designed for therapists to use in evaluating if a client is a good fit for telehealth and/or what needs to be further discussed or developed for the client to successfully participate in telehealth.

♦The Going to See a Play Therapist Social Story can be printed off and read to children before they attend their first play therapy session. Other professionals such as occupational therapists and speech therapists may also use the Social Story as a guide to create their own unique Social Story specific to their office setting.

AutPlay Therapy Papers 
These papers are designed for a quick reference to provide more information about AutPlay Therapy and topics often inquired about. These papers might be used to help explain AutPlay to a third party or to provide additional information for those wanting to lean more about AutPlay.
– AutPlay Therapy Certification Training
– AutPlay Therapy Research and Theoretical Underpinnings
– AutPlay Therapy Therapeutic Powers of Play: Core Change Agents
– AutPlay Therapy and Trauma Work with ASD

AutPlay Therapy Trainings
We facilitate several AutPlay Therapy Certification Trainings around the world each year. We also offer trainings on a variety of other topics related to play therapy and autism/neurodevelopmental disorders. Visit our trainings page to see what is happening around you?

Did you know we offer several home study trainings/courses – including the AutPlay Therapy Certification training? Visit the trainings page to see all of our self paced home study training offerings covering a variety of play therapy topics.

To request a replacement certificate for any training, please email your name, the certificate you are needing replaced, and the specific training you attended including city and date to  [email protected] You will also need to pay the certificate replacement fee of $7.50. You may call the office to pay 417-755-9042 or pay through pay pal below.

Training Certificate Replacement

AutPlay Therapy and the Virtual Sandtray App (VSA):

♦Check out the AutPlay package on The Virtual Sandtray  – a new media interpretation of a physical sandtray. It is a new and exciting way to bring sandtray therapy to places not convenient for physical sandtray therapy, such as hospitals, disaster areas, in home therapy and travel. There are new opportunities to treat clients, such as those unable to physically access a standard tray, those that are unable to work with sand due to sensory processing reasons, sand and food allergies, and those that will not work with a traditional sandtray. The AutPlay package features ASD specific models including several feeling emoticons. The AutPlay package also comes with 30 directive tray interventions designed for children and adolescents with ASD.

Play Therapy Resources:

♦Interested in learning more about Play Therapy? Go to the Association for Play Therapy (APT) website or view the APT YouTube page.

View and access the PDF book Mandalas in Play Therapy created by Dr. Eric J Green, Dr. Robert Jason Grant, and Tracy Turner-Bumberry. This free resource offers several mandala templates for elementary, middle, and high school aged children.

Sensory Processing Resources:

♦Many children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders struggle with sensory issues. For multiple information related to sensory challenges check out the Star Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder. This site is full of useful resources for parents and professionals regarding all things sensory including resources to help children improve their sensory challenges.

♦For additional information about sensory challenges, visit Lindsey Biel’s Sensory Smarts website or Sensory Processing Challenges website for sensory diet activities, home and school sensory screening tools and a lot of other helpful information.


Access to PDF versions of inventories and forms found in the AutPlay Therapy Books can be accessed here. You MUST have attended an AutPlay Therapy Certification Training or purchased one of the following books to gain access.
AutPlay Therapy for Children and Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum
AutPlay Therapy Play and Social Skills Groups 
Play-Based Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities

To gain access click on the link below:


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